C.a.m.p. Circles

Music Class

A Creative arts, music, and performance program. 

Come and play in Mrs. R’s storyline approach to the creative arts – crossing-stitching art, music and performance into an experience and education of expression and connection for children grades K-8. The culmination Performance will be largely written and executed by students from music and drama components, scripts, songs, props and costuming created and perfected in the art, music and performance circles. C.a.m.p. circles meet twice weekly for 1.5 hours each, over 18 weeks and are broken up into three 6-week sessions.


Since C.a.m.p. is a collaborative, team and performance-driven program, there must be a minimum of 9 students to support this program.


C.a.m.p. Curriculum


Exploring different instruments, movement, rhythm, vocalization through games, dancing, and singing, we learn to move and make, write and perform music together. We will learn the basic fundamentals of rhythm, pitch and music theory, and learn to create music in harmony and synchrony. All instruments provided: Keyboards, recorders, bongos, congas, djembe, hand drums, xylophone. 



Through experimenting with a variety of mediums: such as drawing, painting, charcoal, three-dimensional art in paper and clay (fired in Full Circle Studio’s kiln), and more, we create our props and costumes for our Finale Performance as well as treasures to take home. Developing hand-eye coordination, proportion, perspective, as well as color theory, composition, and graphic skills, we learn to communicate through visual expression. 



Through small-group improvisational games and theatrical techniques, we learn to use our imaginations and .. Fly on magic carpets, as students learn to trust their ideas, abilities, and each other.

Through costumes and scripts, improv games, puppet shows, choreography, and more, performance groups build confidence, cooperation, language and communication skills, concentration through memorization, teamwork, empathy and self-expression. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


C.a.m.p. will be held every Tuesday and Thursday for 1.5 hour circles.

Total Program Fee

$2,400 per group


$800 x3 Sessions (all three required)

Payments can be made either upfront in one sum, or partial payments ($800) at the beginning of each session. Please keep in mind that pricing is per group, and registrants are responsible for forming their own group, which must be between 3-5 students. In addition to the program fee, a one-time $25 art fee is required for each student in the group.

Per person pricing is listed below for your convenience. 

5 Person Group = $26.00/person/week

4 Person Group = $33.25/person/week

3 Person Group = $44.30/person/week

*Family and cross-program discounts available upon request.

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